Sadly, there’ s no shortage of examples of misogyny and sexual harassment on social media. Just last week, a Pew Survey revealed some depressing stats about just how skewed the online experience is, and how most of us don’t even notice abuse any more.

There are two options, then. Fight to make exist social media fairer and more pleasant place to be, or wash your hands of it and walk away.

If you’re of the latter mindset, you might like the idea of a social network created for women by women where ladies can engage on different topics “in a safe and non-judgemental environment”? Which is the description offered for startup, a new video social network that covers everything from health, careers and relationships.

Created by former Google and YouTube video head, Karen Cahn, women can sign up to directly on the site, or via their existing social accounts and join in on conversations or start their own.

“We wanted to create a more honest conversation experience, just for women, that is not a waste of time.  We are also tired of the haters who make conversations on other social sites unproductive and downright mean,” reads the website.

All videos are hosted by other services such as Youtube, you can contribute to conversations by liking, voting on polls, commenting and share videos as well as adding videos, images and articles relevant to the topic. says it creates a troll-free environment by featuring “proprietary technology that weeds out hateful and voilent comments that could potentially disrupt your conversation” as well as by encouraging users to speak out against abusive behaviour on the site.

“We have 4 lines of defence against trollish comments,” Cahn told CNN.

  1. A database that understands context, and over time can determine whether a comment is intended to be disruptive.
  2. Filters that catch words and phrases that are against our community guidelines.
  3. Editors who live and breathe VProud conversations, making sure the dialogue is one that is productive.
  4. On every piece of content and comment on the site, there is a troll icon. If someone is being hateful or disrespectful, users can report the troll and our community managers will review it.

You can find more about in this interview with Cahn and CNN.

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