Android and iOS email, calendaring and productivity application Accompli has found a new home inside Microsoft for a tidy $200 million (R2.2 billion) in cash with the entire Accompli team becoming part of Microsoft’s Office 365 workforce.

Accompli allows users to add an email account from web services including Gmail, and iCloud or hosted services like Google apps for business or Microsoft’s Exchange server. The app then determines which email is the most important to you and serves that up as part of a focused inbox that aims to get users away from an overwhelmingly large email inbox and toward being more productive with the mail that matters.

Microsoft has no immediate plans to kill off the ability for Accompli to talk to email services from rival companies like Yahoo and Google which seems to be in line with the way that things work at Microsoft under Satya Nadella. Microsoft has embraced competitor platforms like iOS and Android by releasing its Office productivity software for free without the need to subscribe to Office 365 as it had in the past.

“I’m incredibly excited to announce that Accompli has been acquired by Microsoft. Our team and products will become part of Microsoft’s ambitious effort to reimagine productivity for the mobile era.” said Accompli co-founder and CEO Javier Soltero in a blog post on the company’s website. “18 months ago we started building a team and a product around the idea that we could make mobile email better. Today that journey continues as part of a larger organization with the technology, talent, and market reach that will help us take the vision of Acompli to hundreds of millions of mobile users across the world.”

How much the Accompli team’s mail sorting algorithm will affect future Microsoft email products is yet to be revealed, but for now it’s good to see Microsoft doubling down on its focus to make users more productive with everything that the company does.

[Source – Microsoft, Accompli, Via – TechCrunch, Image – Accompli]