Everyone’s favourite mediocre shooter (that they somehow just can’t stop playing) has been patched again, this time with a fairly major update that makes upgrading Exotics a lot less of a grind. Among other things, of course.

Exotics, as you well know, are hard-to-come-by weapons and armour that require hard-to-come-by Ascendant materials to upgrade. Until now, that has meant significant grinding by playing Public Events, Raids and Daily Heroic Missions in the hopes that Ascendant materials drop.

The patch has removed that requirement; as of yesterday, “the final upgrade node of all Exotic Gear” needs Exotic Shards instead, which can be obtained by dismantling unwanted Exotics or bought from Xur for seven Strange Coins.

Exotics themselves have also been tweaked, and now “start at a higher base Attack value and have a narrowed upgrade range to compensate”. W00t?

Many other changes have been implemented; some welcome, some not. Charlie is most upset by the fact that the Templar can no longer be forced off its platform in The Vault of Glass with an exploit.

All of this has been done in preparation for the arrival of Destiny’s first downloadable content, The Dark Below, which is out on the 9th of December, which is just a week away.

If you want to read the full list of changes, head over to the official Bungie website where the developers have laid everything out in detail.

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