I’m not the world’s biggest Pokémon fan, but even I have always wanted to throw a Pokéball to capture a creature with an actual gesture, rather than simply pressing a button.

Thanks to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, the Leap Motion sensor and voice recognition software called Voice Attack, that’s now totally possible. A dedicated fan has put it all together with some clever programming, and compiled the following video to show the concept in action.

Kotaku unearthed the demo video, created for a Leap Motion Game Jam by an internet user by the name of tipatat, of him (or her) picking up the Pokéball, throwing it, telling Pikachu to attack and then capturing the fainted Pokémon with another throw of the Pokéball.

The demo is limited as the fight only takes place from a single perspective, but it certainly shows off the possibilities of a 3D virtual reality Pokemon game, and quite honestly I think it would beyond rad if someone went ahead and made a full game off this concept. Now if only Nintendo gets to see this, thinks it’s a great idea and runs with it.

Best of all, if you own an Oculus Rift the whole thing can be downloaded and played right now. Head over to tipatat’s Leap Motion 3D Jam page where the project has been posted to grab the files and instructions.

[Source – Kotaku]
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