A company’s culture is important in fostering a sense of unity, direction and overall vision (even if unspoken) among its execs and employees, but it’s an aspect that’s often considered last when people venture into a startup.

Former head of small business marketing at Google South Africa, entrepreneur and founder of Wingnuts Mavens Craig Wing will be showing entrepreneurs how to cultivate a new business environment in a workshop titled ‘Lessons from Silicon Valley – Build your start up culture’ this weekend at JoziHub, Milpark.

(Wing has also ventured outside of South Africa’s borders, having started a company in Silicon Valley.)

Some of the topics that will be covered during the workshop include:

  • How Google set the tone of their culture from their founders IPO letter and why they give the perks you may have heard about

  • Why colours and language play such an important role in your branding

  • How some of the best Silicon Valley tech company’s hire, and how to remove biases when you recruit your team

  • The importance of your language and telling stories around your vision

Wing will also talk a bit about the culture at companies like Google and what makes them so successful.

Tickets to Lessons from Silicon Valley – Build your start up culture are free, you can book yours on Eventbrite.

[Image – Craig Wing]