It looks a bit like Google Glass, but Mohammed Harding and Morema Mafantiri’s familiarly styled headpiece couldn’t be much more different to the search engine’s fancy yet flawed experiment in augmented reality. At Maker Faire Africa this weekend in Johannesburg this weekend, the pair showed off a lightweight frame built to hold a single LED bulb on the side of one’s head, in order make reading at night that bit easier.

Harding, originally from Sierra Leon and a graduate of the African Leadership Academy, put together the prototype as a way of trying and help tackle the problems faced by children studying in rural areas where there’s no access to electricity. Lit using by a single rechargeable battery, Harding says that the lamp can be charged in a matter of minutes and topped up using a solar source.

Simple, and at the very early stage of design, but elegant all the same.

Maker Faire Africa 2014_2

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