I’m going to start a new online petition called “Please employ actors from the correct backgrounds if you’re going to portray non-American nationalities in movies and games”. If your story calls for an Englishman, then employ a bloody Englishman for the part. How hard is that?

Because the possibly-Afrikaans bad guys in a gameplay video of the new Uncharted – due for release next year – sound so bad. The mercenaries in the video below sound like a low-rent Wickus from District 9, minus the class. Worse, every now and then the accent actually slips into something resembling… I don’t know… Irish? It’s not like Naughty Dog shouldn’t know better: Judd Simantov was Art Technical Lead on Drake’s Fortune.

Only slightly less insulting than the terrible accents is the implication that our shooting skills suck as well. I mean come on, guys, don’t kick us while we’re down!

The Escapist reports that the video was shown at the PlayStation Experience, an event put on by Sony for their fans over the weekend. It shows 15 minutes of Nathan Drake doing his thing – murdering people by the dozen while cracking wise – in a lush jungle setting.

The bad accents start at around the 6:39 mark, as Nathan encounters a group of what could be mercenaries in his search for an unnamed someone.

On the bright side, the video also shows off a new rope-swinging mechanic that should spice the combat and movement up a bit, and everything looks very pretty.

I am confident Uncharted: A Thief’s End will be a showcase of what the PlayStation 4 is really capable of when it comes out next year, I’m just not confident it will do anything but add to our reputation for sounding like dumbasses on the international stage.

Cue the facepalm.