iPhone mind-bender Threes! and the iPad-exclusive perspective-puzzler Monument Valley have been chosen by Apple as its iPhone and iPad games of the year.

To be chosen is quite an honour considering the competition among game makers for attention on Apple’s mobile platforms, and something that is sure to boost sales of both games over the busy Christmas season, says Gamesindustry.biz.

Threes is one of those deceptively-simple yet hard-to-master games, combining a mathematical challenge to make ever-bigger numbers with a need for manual dexterity and quick thinking to create an addictive blend of maths-based puzzling action. As with last year’s Flappy Bird, Threes! proved so popular that it sparked off a wave of copy-cat clones, including rip-offs that gained their own share of popularity like 2048.

Monument Valley is a very different game that uses perspective shifts to create and solve puzzles. It’s a beautiful, gentle game that challenges perceptions with its hand-crafted, thoughtful levels, and is well-deserving of a GOTY award.

Neither game is free – Threes costs R36.99, and Monument Valley goes for R49.99 – but rest assured that it’s money well-spent. Especially ahead of the holidays when people should have a little more down-time to fill.

[Source – Gamesindustry.biz]
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