In 2014, South Africans went online to relive or catch up on what they had missed from the year’s biggest events through YouTube.

South African politics stole the limelight (it was our national election year, after all) and the theatrics in parliament had us all in stitches. On the other hand, mixed emotions were stirred up among South Africans throughout the Oscar Pistorius trial which was broadcast live across the globe.

“As unpredictable as each year seems to be, it’s clear that trending videos are getting bigger, and the global community responsible for them is driving pop culture like never before,” YouTube says.

The top trending 10 YouTube videos of 2014 in South Africa are:

  1. Noko vs Izikhothane
  2. Oscar Pistorius animation: The night Oscar killed Reeva
  3. Julius Malema speech causes a stir in parliament
  4. Caught on Camera: Snake devours crocodile
  5. ANC Ayisafani: DA TV ad
  6. Mutant Giant Spider Dog
  7. EFF takes on Zuma in parliament
  8. Julius Malema reacts to SONA 201 in parliament
  9. Bars and Melody
  10. Look Up

A variety of videos made it to the top ten global list. Among them are the Italian nun with the amazing singing voice who surprised everyone and the hotly debated iPhone bend test, also known as bendgate, which left a few people wondering whether or not Apple really had made flexible smartphones.

According to YouTube, the top 10 global  videos have hundreds of millions of views (more than 667 million collectively), and the channels who make them have more than 21 million subscribers who come back regularly to watch the next video.

On a side note, Gangnam Style still holds the record for the most watched videos at over 2.1 billion.

To celebrate the close of another great year in video, 100 YouTube creators took some time to make this nostalgic YouTube Rewind video, a hilarious six-minute mash-up of some of the most popular videos of the year.

Watch it below:

[Main image – EFF]