The possibility of loadshedding today and Friday are fairly low, says Eskom, but South Africans still need to be prepared as it’s not completely ruled out, the national power utility pointed out.

“As much as there is no plan for loadshedding, any disturbances that may occur might lead to us loadshedding,” Eskom said in a media statement.

This probably comes as a relief as Eskom had previously tweeted a warning of a high risk of loadshedding for today and tomorrow.

Consumers are urged to keep an eye on the loadshedding schedule, however, that has proved to be of little help lately as there have been many instances of loadshedding taking place at different times than those noted , a problem Eskom is trying to work out, said CEO Tshediso Matona.

Eskom has said it will post updates today on the outlook for the weekend.