In the battle of the R999 tablets the data bundle is king, or at least that’s what Vodacom’s latest change to its Smart Tab 3G offer would suggest. When the R999 Smart Tab 3G originally launched Vodacom packed in 100MB of data with it for the first three months after the SIM card was activated but that has been upped to 200MB of data a month for the first 12¬†months.

The change comes in the wake of another R999 tablet that was launched barely two weeks after Vodacom’s budget model from rivals MTN, whose Steppa Tablet came bundled with, you guessed it, 200MB of data for the first 12 months. It puts even less space between the two tablets when choosing between them and with Vodacom ensuring¬†parity on the data front, we’re still convinced it’s the better pick of the two overall.

The data allocation has already been automatically increased for anyone who had already bought the Smart Tab 3G so you’re not missing out if you did buy one originally.

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