Six months after announcing that a translation function would be added to the popular VoIP client, Microsoft has finally launched Skype Translator.

Microsoft’s work on a live language translation has reportedly involved more than 15 years of investment into speech recognition, automated translation and machine learning technologies but it got a big boost when the company bought Skype back in 2011.

Initially, the beta version of Skype Translator was able to translate English into German and vice versa, but the official version starts things off with Spanish as the featured language.

You, or the person you’re talking to, can speak in either Spanish or English and Skype will play back the translation in audio into your headphones and show you a script in the chat corner at the bottom right.

To activate Skype Translator, select the person you want to call, turn the translator button on in the call window and choose which language they prefer to speak and write – you can watch the how-to video below for further instruction.

Microsoft says more languages will be added soon and if users want to be among the first to know about the latest changes and additions to Skype Translator, you can register to be a preview user on the Skype website.

[Source – Yahoo Tech, image – Skype]