The Pebble smartwatch may look a little simple compared to the likes of newer wrist adornments from LG, Apple et al, but as a proud Pebble wearer I still think it’s the best. Why, because it’s relatively cheap and the battery lasts a week compared to a few hours for fancier timepieces.

The one thing I do envy, however, is the ability of watches powered by Android Wear to do more than just display a message as it comes in. Because while the Pebble’s strength is in its simplicity, you always want more. Also, over the last month or so the all important notifications system, through which the Pebble app on your phone relays an incoming SMS to your wrist, has been a little broken.

Today’s news from the company may explain why the latter and overcome the former. Apparently the forthcoming 2.3 update adds the ability for Pebble owners to reply to messages from the watch, including sending an instant emoji into a Hangouts conversation. According to the developers, this should bring it up to standard with notifications on an Android Wear watch. Fingers crossed it makes the watch work again.

There’s no word as to whether or not the same features will be available if you use Pebble with an iPhone. We’ll ask, though.

Here’s a little vid the designers put together for you:

[Via 9to5Google]
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