Forza is one of the most popular racing series on Microsoft’s Xbox console with this year’s Forza Horizon 2 selling over 350 000 copies in the first week.

Forza Horizon 2’s Storm Island DLC is now available, but that is not the best part of the news. The biggest aspect is that the DLC features a completely South African-built car – and a really tough one at that.

Storm Island adds five new cars, inhospitable terrains and really nasty weather, and what better car to tackle that with, than with a 2014 Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid.

The ‘bakkie’ was designed and engineered by South African Neil Woolridge after he beat out several American constructors for the chance to do so.

“Under the hood is a military dust-proofed 32-valve V8 – a la Ford Mustang – connected to a Sadev six-speed sequential transmission. The body shell resembles a Ranger four-door 4X4 but, underneath, the chassis and suspension are completely custom,” Microsoft explained.

Woolridge was commissioned by Ford to build a vehicle that would be able to withstand the gruelling condition of the 2014 Dakar rally – and the Ranger T6 Rally Raid was his answer.

“We are extremely proud to be sending these South African-built Rangers to the 2014 Dakar. Dakar is the ultimate test of man and machine and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate with a phenomenal team comprised of local and global expertise,” said Jeff Nemeth, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, in a statement last year.

“Suspension travel and durability are paramount since this truck will be travelling at more than 100 mph across surfaces that most trucks would crawl over. This will be Ford’s first factory effort in the Dakar and, by the look of things, they are aiming to finish strong,” Microsoft said.

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