You know you’ve made it big when your company name goes from being a noun to being a verb, just ask the folks at Google.

The dominant player in online search has just released its annual ‘A Year in Search‘ which chronicles the most searched for terms across the world, but also gives us a quick trip down memory lane before we say goodbye to 2014 forever.

The most searched term this year was actor and comedian Robin Williams whose sudden death in August ignited a search frenzy for anything related to one of the world’s most beloved entertainers. In second place was the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which saw Germany winning the tournament hosted in Brazil. Next? The deadly disease ebola, which has swept through a host of countries in West Africa and eventually spread outside of Africa for the first time with the UK and the US having their first ever reported cases of the virus.

South Africa made the list of top search terms with the Oscar Pistorius trial garnering world-wide notoriety and, as such, a share of the world’s search traffic in 2014 as well as coming in third on the list for most searched terms here at home.

As for what the other biggest search terms in South Africa were for the year, former Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa topped our list which looks all around rather depressing thanks to local searches for several deceased high profile South Africans, a deadly disease, a missing airliner and “what is corruption?” to name a few of the more sad searches. Let’s hope for a happier 2015 in Search.

In the meantime, cheer up and watch the official Google – Year in Search 2014 video below.

[Source – Google]