July saw its fair share of triumphs, milestones and scandals in South Africa. Mr Price announced that it would be launching a mobile virtual network operator, the first retailer in the country to do so, Project Isizwe unveiled plans to expand to schools in Tshwane and Jacob Zuma was again under fire for alleged corruption after the appointment of one of his daughters in a top departmental position without having prior (or any) experience.

NASA celebrates 45 years since the first landing on the moon


On 20th July 1969, Neil Armstrong uttered the following words that would be forever engraved in history: “That;s one step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” when he first walked on the moon. NASA marked the occasion with a number of special events and celebrations worldwide.

Zuma’s daughter under fire for top securing position at telecoms department


Questions were raised when Jacob Zuma’s 25-year-old daughter Thuthukile Zuma was suddenly appointed as the chief of staff at the Department of Telecommmunications and Postal Services without having any experience whatsoever and no advertisement for the post being made public.

UJ students prepare to launch R1m, 140kmph solar powered car


Engineering students from the University of Johannesburg were just about set to take part  in the Sasol Solar Challenge race for the third year in a row with their new and improved super fast solar-powered car valued at around R1 million and we were there to witness the team putting the finishing touches on their prject.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead game confirmed


Telltale Games announced a third season would be added to the hugely popular The Walking Dead series of games.

Free access to Wikipedia for all


The learners from Sinenjongo High in Cape Town, who successfully campaigned for free access to Wikipedia on cell phones for themselves and other learners around the country, took the campaign a step further by teaming up with the Wikimedia Foundation and asking mobile networks around the globe to follow suit and make Wikipedia free for all to access on their phones.

LG begins accepting pre-orders for ts R1.2 million TV


LG announced the opening of pre-orders for its massive 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV, coming with hefty price tag of R1.2 million, among the most expensive TVs in the world.

Instagram launches Bolt

Instagram Bolt Main

Instagram launched an ephemeral instant messaging app called Bolt, choosing South Africa, Singapore  and New Zealand as the first countries to try the service out.

Project Isizwe expanding to Tshwane schools


Free WiFi service provider Project Isizwe announced it would be expanding its distribution of free WiFi in Tshwane to 213 schools in the district.

Mr Price launches MVNO


Mr Price became the first retailer in South Africa to launch its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that will bear the name MRP Mobile.