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[MAKER FAIRE] The 12-year-old who hopes to make life-saving robots one day

Cable Maharaj just got into electronics and robotics in January this year but he has already started building his own robots. He hopes to one day create robots that can save people’s lives, he explained to htxt.africa at this year’s annual Maker Faire in Johannesburg.

The 12-year-old Southdowns College learner from Pretoria says electronics is a hobby of his, and that he spends a lot of his time building robots with the help of his dad.

His latest project is a robot called Maslow, an obstacle-avoidance robot with an ultrasonic sensor and colour sensor which is controlled using a DStv remote. The robot travels on surfaces and dodges what’s in front of it as it’s controlled.


“I’ve made several robots that don’t need programming and anybody can also learn how to create,” Maharaj says.

“I like electronics, it’s really fun and I feel passionate about it. In future I want to make a mini-submarine and a remote-controlled arm.”

Maharaj hopes to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) although he is still thinking about what exactly he would like to study. He also hopes that he can one day design a robot that can save people from drowning in the sea by pulling them out and taking them back to shore.

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