Time to move to Tshwane? First free WiFi, now free TV

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For those lucky enough to live in an area that allows them to connect to Tshwane’s Free WiFi, they will soon be able to watch television over the network as well. As of today, the service comes out of the two months pilot project phase, and users in the area will be given access to video-on-demand service WiFi TV.

“WiFi TV is a hyper localized video-on-demand solution enabled for unlimited access to users of the Tshwane Free WiFi service via the Tobetsa content portal. The service has various channels covering local content under What’s On, Sports, Faith and MyCity themes,” Project Isizwe, who administers the free network in the city, said in a press statement.

But television services over the network isn’t the only development that users on Tshwane’s Free WiFi network can look forward to. The city also announced that from some point next year, users will get access to WiFi Voice (free voice telephone calls) and Drive Inn.

WiFi Voice is a voice-over-IP service that allows users to make free voice calls to other users who are also on the network by using the WiFi Voice application. All that users have to do is download the Tshwane Voice app, and they are ready to go.

For WiFi Drive Inn, it’s a service to watch movies on smart device, but only when they are in a specific area.

“WiFi Drive Inn is a video-on-demand service enabled at specific locations that will enable a user to watch a selection of movies including some of the latest Hollywood blockbusters over their private devices when within the WiFi Drive Inn area,” City of Tshwane explained.

[Source – City of Tshwane]



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