[WATCH] Turn your kitchen table into an electric drum kit

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One of the demos we really enjoyed at Maker Faire Africa last week was a MakeyMakey board hooked up to a selection of Pick n Pay’s finest fruits to create a citric drum kit. The way MakeyMakey works is that it plugs into a laptop and is detected as a range of standard USB inputs. You can then connect anything mildly conductive to the board with wires, so that when you touch it it sends a signal to your laptop mimicking a standard keypress. Thus tapping an orange can be mapped to an app that plays the sound of middle C.

The next step up from MakeyMakey is this: Bare Conductive’s Touch Board. it’s got more inputs and more flexibility and the manufacturer just released this video of one transforming a breakfast table into an awesome percussion set-up.

Yeah, it’s a marketing vid, but still fun.



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