Happy New Year, y’all. Hope you had a good one last night. It may be 2015 already, but as we haven’t finished our round up of last year yet let’s continue that now.

In Novemnber, probably he biggest worry on the minds of South Africans was loadshedding, when it would happen and if it would be as bad as the power cuts from 2008 as Eskom sent out warnings of strain on the national power supply and in social media news, WhatsApp decided to introduced a BBM-like feature that shows users when their outgoing messages have been read or not .

Loadshedding looms in SA


When Eskom warned South Africans that the country’s power supply was getting tight, fears over possible rounds of loadshedding emerged, and those fears were confirmed when scheduled blackouts kicked in later on.

WhatsApp introduces two blue ticks

Facebook WhatsApp

Instant messaging service WhatsApp introduced a feature that shows users when a message has been received by a recipient by displaying two blue ticks next to the message.

Project Loon, a year later


One year after launch, Google’s Project Loon, which aims to deliver internet access to remote areas around the world, revealed it is doing very well having over three million kilometres into the stratosphere with plans to make bigger, longer-lasting balloons.

TEDxSoweto back for the fifth edition


TEDx came back to Soweto for the fifth year running at the Soweto Theatre in Jabulani where a range of speakers from entrepreneurs, business people, developers, column writers and artists hit the stage to talk about the life and culture in the iconic township, race issues, and the future of South Africa and its people.

Thimbleweed Park meets its Kickstarter goal in just six days

Thimbleweed Park GIF

Thimbleweed Park, the classic 80s point and click adventure video game that was by the creators of the Monkey Island series, met and surpassed its Kickstarter crowdfunidng goal of $375 000 in just six days.

GoPro to make drones next year?

Phantom 2 Drone Hands-on_1

Rumour had it that action camera maker GoPro will be venturing into consumer drone manufacturing in 2015, with prices ranging from around R5 500 – R11 000.

First LEGO league comes to SA

first lego league

SAP South Africa made a generous sponsorship of over R1 million to support the First LEGO League South Africa, an international initiative aimed at teaching learners engineering skills and teamwork by getting them to create problem-solving robots built from LEGO.

Africa eyes its own mission to the moon


The Foundation for Space Development announced an ambitious project to land a probe on the moon that will transmit footage from its surface that will be beamed back to earth. The project, called Africa2Moon, is currently crowdfunding the money to cover the mission’s costs.

Government plans to connect 50% of South African schools and clinics


Minister of the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Doctor Siyabonga Cwele announced plans by government to provide free WiFi to 580 clinics, more than 4400 schools and 572 other government buildings around the country in 2015.