Africa is one of the fastest growing continents in the world, both in terms of the incoming technology infrastructure and economic development.

And while most mobile phone manufacturers try to cover a big spread in models (ranging from super cheap to borderline ridiculous), Chinese smartphone leader Huawei says that entry-level phones for low income Africans don’t figure in its future plans.

And that is a rather big deal, as Huawei are number two in Africa in terms of market share.

“Overall, globally we’re now focused on the middle- to high-end segment. We don’t do feature phones, we don’t focus on the low-end market as our global strategy. In Africa, it depends on the specific country. For example the Ascend P7 sold very well in South Africa while the Ascend Mate which was launched there recently as well was also well received by the market. Africa’s middle class is growing but overall, we’ve different categories of phones for different markets,” Roland Sladek, Huawei’s VP for International Media Affairs told reporters at AllAfrica.

“Huawei doesn’t really have very many models of low-end devices. We’re going for middle- to high-end market,” Sladek continued, specifically referring to the Kenyan market.

According to Sladek, the decision to focus on the middle and high-end market is not about coverage or potential revenue, but more about brand image and the models available in each segment.

Go read the full interview here.

[Source – AllAfrica]
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