We’re not quite done with all of the Intel news coming out of CES just yet – there are still more chips to be seen coming from the silicon giant in 2015. The new chips codenamed Cherry Trail are the successors to the Bay Trail tablet chips that we loved using so much over the last 12 months.

Cherry Trail is a die shrink of Bay Trail which means that, while the actual architecture of the chips has stayed the same, the actual size of each transistor on the chip has shrunk from 22nm down to just 14nm. This is the same shrink that has brought a host of battery saving and power increases to the new Broadwell chips that were also shown off at CES.

Speaking of Broadwell, it has more in common with the new Cherry Trail tablet chips than just the 14nm manufacturing process used. Cherry Trail will use the same graphics cores as Broadwell’s chips just with fewer execution units to keep the power consumption lower. That means that there should be a massive gain in the amount of graphics power available to tablets and small PCs running on Cherry Trail chips.

Cherry Trail will, of course, be compatible with all of Intel’s latest LTE-Advanced capable modems which should see them getting increased performance out of data connections as well.

Look out for Cherry Trail powered tablets in the first half of the year as some of the larger manufacturers start to get their hands on the new flavour of silicon goodness from Intel.

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[Source – Intel]