Back when the original PlanetSide was a thing, the game managed to earn itself the Guinness World Record for having the biggest first-person shooter battles with the highest number of players on a single server ever recorded.

That record was broken in 2012 by an organisation calling itself Man vs. Machine, which set up a one-time charity event that took down PlanetSide’s original record by stuffing 999 players into a single FPS server.

But now PlanetSide 2 wants the record back. To get it, they will be hosting an event on the 24th of January that aims to reclaim it, which they first announced via Reddit in mid-December.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun says Sony Online Entertainment is working with PlanetSide 2 fan group PlanetSide Battles to get 1 100 players together on that day for the record attempt. With Sony’s involvement, that means the developers are quite probably scrutinising and tweaking the game’s code to deal with having that many players on a server at once.

Should you be keen to participate, good luck – there are only 1 100 spots available and comments over at RPS mention that at least 2 400 people have applied to join on the day. Maybe keep an eye out for a Twitch stream instead, but here’s a signup link to try anyway in case you’re feeling lucky (and you already have a PlanetSide ID).

[Source – Reddit, Rock, Paper, Shotgun]
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