Supporters of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical weekly publication whose Paris offices were raided by gunmen last week – a total of 17 people were killed in three days of terror attacks in the French capital – continue to rally around the Je Suis Charlie campaign and now the internet is now using apps to show its solidarity.

A Je Suis Charlie app was launched this week on the iTunes App Store where supporters can geotag their locations on a map and see where other supporters near them and around the world are located.

“Because ‘Je Suis Charlie’ has become the symbol of freedom of speech whatever your beliefs, your country and your opinions, download the ‘I am Charlie’ app and simply state where you stand on today’s world map,” the description on the app’s page reads.

According to reports, the app’s developers were able to speed the often tedious task of having an app’s submission approved by sending a personal email to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Within 10 minutes of sending the email, the developers received a response from Cook’s office, letting them know the app would be approved as soon as possible if they secured a media partner.

The team managed to get Nice-Matin, a French newspaper, on board as their media partner and the app was up and running by Sunday.

This isn’t very surprising considering the fact that the app isn’t an official magazine app from the publication itself, which begs the question, would the company have been as quick to approve an official magazine app if they were approached in the same manner?

The Je Suis Charlie app is reportedly the number one free app on the France App Store and over 100 000 supporters have already geotagged their locations on the map.

Google Play also has its fair share of Je Suis Charlie/I am Charlie apps for Android, most of which are created for users to feature the campaign logo featuring a hand holding up a pencil against a black background.

[Source – Your Community Blog, Image – iTunes]