South Africa is seeing a swath of low cost smartphone options flood into the country and today, yet another one has arrived in the form of the R999 Proline SP4 from distributor Pinnacle Africa.

The Proline SP4 is powered by Qualcomm’s quad core Snapdragon 200 processor with 512MB of RAM. The LED display has a 480×800 resolution for a pixel density of 223ppi and is powered by a 1 920mAh battery pack. It runs on Windows Phone 8.1 as part of Microsoft’s efforts with Qualcomm’s Reference Design program which was announced at last year’s Mobile World Congress. Camera wise, you’ll find a 4 megapixel camera on the back along with a VGA, 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera.

The specs are almost identical to those of the VERSSED W1 smartphone which was launched by the Edcon group early in December last year with the notable exception of having a 35% larger battery pack. The increased battery explains the R100 price difference between the two smartphones and makes the Proline SP4 the better deal in our opinion.

These new, low-cost, dual SIM Windows Phones will put some serious pressure on the like of MTN’s Steppa 2 which costs the same as the Proline SP4 but misses out on having dual SIM functionality as well a smaller capacity battery and two less processor cores to boot.