French video site Dailymotion apparently wants a slice of the game-streaming pie that is currently dominated by

The site launched its own game-streaming service yesterday, rather unimaginatively called Dailymotion Games, that lets gamers do pretty much exactly what Twitch lets them do already: stream themselves playing games online in Let’s Play videos, broadcast tournaments and generally just show off their skills if they want to.

Gigaom says Dailymotion Games is accessible directly through a browser, as well as through dedicated apps for iOS, Android and the PlayStation 4.

While beating Twitch at its own game is a rather tall order, Dailymotion has a very good foundation from which to launch its attack. Gigaom says the site already has over 180 million game-related video views a month and a fanbase of 11 million gamers. That’s less than 20% of Twitch’s 60 million gamers, but still enough to be at least some of a threat.

Dailymotion’s service is still in beta according to Gamerant, but it already offers viewers streams of popular games like DOTA 2, League of Legends and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

What it doesn’t offer yet is a way to monetise streams; Twitch, on the other hand, does.

Twitch’s partner programme, which came online back in 2011, lets streamers whose broadcasts meet certain requirements add options that can potentially bring in some cash, like advertising and the option for viewers to subscribe to the channel and support the stream for $4.99 a month. Half of that cash goes to the streamer, as does part of the ad revenue. Subscribers get custom emoticons, a private Subscriber chat window and other benefits in exchange for their sub fee.

It remains to be seen if Dailymotion will attract viewers and streamers away from Twitch, but at least there’s a significant competitor out there for people to choose if they aren’t fond of Twitch for whatever reason. Watch this space.

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