Don’t pack away your generators just yet, loadshedding is expected to continue well into April 2015, according to a statement by Eskom and its CEO Tshediso Matona released today.

The power utility hosted a media briefing at its headquarters earlier to deliver its quarterly address that provided an update on the current system status, Eskom’s financial status and information on its power system maintenance plans.

As it stands, there are high possibilities of loadshedding during 21 days in February, 22 days in March and 19 days in April. There are even lesser days when there will be adequate generation capacity that’s available to meet demand and reserves.

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To see when/if there’ll be any loadshedding in your area, visit the Eskom loadshedding information site and if you’re in Cape Town or Tshwane, you can check out these useful maps.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Lauren Rushing]