Five teams from Kenya, India, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa recently competed in the international Vodafone appStar developer’s contest, showcasing their unique apps for the chance to win a cash prize and trip to Mobile World Congress 2015. But in the end, finalists from Ghana walked away with the grand prizes.

Leti Arts, an African gaming studio with offices in both Kenya and Ghana, was awarded first prize in the Best Established Developer category for Africa Legends, a superhero series influenced by African folklore that sees players battle crime on the continent in the form of a tile-matching puzzle game for Android.


South Africa’s Car Guru took home second prize in the same category, winning an Amazon voucher worth R55 000.

Vicinity App, from from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Ghana, won in the Best Upcoming Developer category.

“As a mobile content distribution app, we know Africa’s Legends is innovative, and we are glad it has been recognized. We will continue to push Africa’s Legends in 2015, through innovative digital formats, such as games, digital comics and interactive apps,” Leti Arts CEO Eyram Tawia said in a statement.

[Source and images – Leti Arts]