The man behind the smash-hit Civilization franchise, Sid Meier, is busy making his next game, and by the look of the trailer that was just released for it, it’s going to be all about the starships.

That’s a pretty safe bet, as publisher 2K calls it “Starships” in the official press release, and it’s a new turn-based strategy game that will be set in the Civilization: Beyond Earth universe.

Perhaps the most interesting development is that Starships won’t have the familiar Civ-style gameplay; instead, players will focus far more on exploring the galaxy in highly-customised spaceships, fighting hostile ships in turn-based fleet-to-fleet combat, protecting civilisations and exploring the far reaches of the universe.

There will be an over-arching story that knits it all together for players to follow as well.

Here’s the official announcement video:

According to the official release, Meier put on his thinking cap and devoted some time to pondering “the next chapter of Civilisation: Beyond Earth”, eventually settling on the idea of leaving humanity’s new home and taking to the stars to find out what happened to “our long-lost brothers and sisters from the planet Earth”.

Unfortunately the announcement video doesn’t share a lot of detail about how the game will actually play, but at a guess Starships will resemble 4X strategy games like the Galactic Civilizations series and the old Masters of Orion games, which is definitely no bad thing.

4X stands for “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate”, and games in the genre typically offer a lot of strategic options, replayability and depth. Sid Meier’s take on the genre and his legendary attention to detail could well make Starships the Next Big Thing in the realm of turn-based strategic gaming.

The best news out of the release? 2K said that Starships will come out in “early 2015” (which is kind of now-ish) and will be out for PCs, Macs and iPads. We hope that means we can expect it any day now.

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