Everyone loves talking about startups, but who exactly are we talking to? One question that often gets asked in the office is “how many tech startups are there in South Africa”, and while there are some noble efforts ongoing to find out no-one has a completely clear picture.

Which is why Joburg-based startup accelerator Seed Engine is inviting young startups to take part in the country’s first startup survey to get an idea of where startups in South Africa are, and what needs improvement. The added bonus is that there’s an awesome prize in it for those who take part.

Seed Engine wants to know about what challenges entrepreneurs face, what issues relate to funding and what sort of additional support is needed to increase success rates. If the survey gets up to 1 000 responses or more, the accelerator will publish the results publicly.

“This national survey will develop impetus for industry and government to align efforts to create a more sustainable and successful startup culture in South Africa,” the survey states.

The survey consists of 15 multiple choice questions, three entrepreneurs stand a chance to win a place in the Seed Academy training programme R48 000. Previous Seed Academy programs have not only helped young businesses focus and grow, they’ve put entrepreneurs in front of VCs to fund their next stage too.

You can head over to Survey Monkey to complete the survey.