Do you remember treating Bloaty Head, Chronic Nosehair and Gastric Ejections in Bullfrog’s cutesy god-sim Theme Hospital in the 90s? Want to relive those halcyon days? Well today you can, because Electronic Arts is giving away the classic PC game for nothing on Origin as of right now.

To claim it, you’ll need to log into your Origin client on PC, click on the Store page and then the On The House link. One more click – on the Get It Now button, and Theme Hospital will be added to your library, where it can be downloaded and enjoyed.

It’s PC-only, unfortunately, so Mac users will need to employ some Boot Camp magic to partake, but that’s a small price to pay to enjoy this old classic.

Fans of the game are sure to get a kick out of playing it again – Theme Hospital was one of the funniest, quirkiest and most charming management/god-sim games of the 1990s from Peter Molyneux’s original studio, Bullfrog.

In a nutshell, your task is to build and manage hospitals and the quirky ailments being suffered by its patients, while keeping your staff happy and your facility up to date and clean.

You don’t have any direct control over your people, however, and will need to meet their needs by building things that make them happy… once you’ve earned enough cash to afford those things, of course.

Sound good? Click here to go to EA’s Origin page and download the client if you don’t already have it.

[Source – Origin]
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