If there’s one thing South Africa could use more of it’s jobs and the local team behind transportation app Uber is touting the fact that they have managed to create over 2 000 in South Africa since launching in August 2013. Even more impressive, Uber is saying that the local operation is on track to create more than 15 000 new jobs within the next two years.

The figure does not fully represent the creation of 2000 new jobs as some of the Uber drivers would have been operating as private taxis before the company arrived in South Africa, but the potential for future job creation is indeed there.

“Uber does not own any vehicles nor do we employ any drivers, we are a technology company that connects riders with drivers in their area. What this means is that all cars are privately owned and the drivers work for themselves.” said Alon Lits, General Manager of Uber in Johannesburg and Durban.

“Some of our partner-drivers own their own cars, others buy a couple of cars and then employ drivers. Rider choice and driver opportunity is at the core of what Uber does. We are proud to be empowering hundreds of entrepreneurs every month in South Africa.”

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Uber in South Africa – Cape Town impounded some of the driver’s vehicles for failing to have the correct licencing required by the city. (Cape Town’s licencing is far more stringent that Johannesburg in terms of what class of license is required by the drivers to operate in the city and as such it has led to the current conflict.)

Since the Cape Town incident’s explosion on social media, Uber has been on a media offensive with a blog post and social media campaign to garner public support for the app and now there’s a video showcasing some of the partner drivers speaking about their love for Uber.

[Image – Uber]
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