Come March, and fans of the Dead Rising series of games will be treated to a made-for-the-internet movie based on the franchise.

It’s called Dead Rising: Watchtower, and Eurogamer says it’s coming out on Sony’s Crackle video-on-demand service on March 27th. It stars comedian Rob Riggle as journalist Frank West, and the trailer that came out alongside the announcement appears to show the franchise’s iconic use of “combo weapons”, psychos, people dressed in silly outfits murdering zombies and, of course, hordes of the undead and buckets of blood and gore. Cheese, cheese and more cheese, in other words.

We’ve embedded the trailer below, but just be warned that it contains a bit of swearing and a few bloody scenes, so don’t watch it if you find any of that objectionable. If you clicked on this article because it had Dead Rising in the headline, dive right in because you already know what to expect.

I’m not sure what the Watchtower in the title signifies, though, and I didn’t see any scenes specifically set inside a mall, but I’m still hopeful the movie will scratch the cheesy zombie-smashing itch left by the games.

Crackle appears to be accessible from South Africa, and I was able to sign up and stream a few random clips after I set my country to the UK (SA isn’t an option), but I’m not entirely sure whether that means Dead Rising: Watchtower will be watchable from here without going through some sort of VPN setup. Should that be the case, try Unotelly.

Dead Rising 3 is the latest in the series, and if you read my review last year you’ll know that I found it to be silly, gory and thoroughly entertaining.

While the trailer doesn’t look like its production values are particularly high, and the director of the movie’s most recent claim to fame is a remake of an old horror movie starring a Leprechaun of all things, I’m still looking forward to May 27th.

Who’s with me?

[Source – Eurogamer]
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