As we edge closer to February 20 and the release of The Order: 1886, it’s only natural for Sony to drum up a bit of enthusiasm for the game.

But instead of another trailer, a new Tumblr blog has surfaced, purporting to be that of a missing researcher who stumbled across mysterious stuff in his attic that seemed to indicate his great grandfather was a part of a secret order. One guess which order that is.

The blog isn’t particularly extensive, but the few posts there are offer cryptic clues as to what’s going on, which the viewer has to decode. Coded messages, seemingly-random strings of numbers and other clever ciphers litter the site; there’s even an email address you can send messages to, which bounces back an automatic reply saying the following:

From: Ian Q [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 23 January 2015 11:37 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: What’s going on?!?


I’m travelling and will only have sporadic access to my email. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I’m able.



2334441531 2433142411 432415424211 4411332234 3443131142 4234321534 541133251515

What those numbers mean is anyone’s guess.

The biggest puzzle on the site is this encoded message:


While decodable with a bit of legwork on your part, a key is provided that makes it a bit easier.

In all, it’s a neat way to get gamers curious about The Order: 1886, and a clever bit of marketing on Sony’s part. It’s not quite up to the same level of genius of the website that promoted The Blair Witch Project back in ’99 that fooled people into believing the film was a real documentary about genuinely missing people, but it’s definitely not awful.

Also, perhaps we’re a bit too cynical to be taken in by things like that these days.

If you prefer your promotional materials a bit more traditional, check out this official video showing off the game’s control scheme and some of the special abilities members of The Order have:

The Order: 1886 is out on the 20th of February, 2015 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

[Source – The Order Exposed blog]
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