Well, this is great. Developer Techland has just released a statement on the Dying Light Facebook page saying that the physical copies of its upcoming zombie game won’t be available outside of North America until the 27th of February.

It came out earlier this week that physical copies would be delayed, but nobody said anything about when they would arrive. Now we know.

The game will still be available worldwide via download on the original release date of January 27th, 2014, but people who have pre-ordered the actual physical discs that come with all kind of bundled extras are completely out of luck. They will just have to wait.

The official Dying Light Facebook page was updated just under an hour ago with a full explanation:

Dear fans,

We know that over the last few days there has been talk about the delay of the physical release. We want to say a few words and explain what it is that we want to do to rectify the situation. First up, the facts about the release:

Dying Light will have a worldwide digital release on PC of January 27, 2015.

In North and South America, the digital release and physical copies for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be available at the same day.

In Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia, Dying Light will have a digital release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of January 28, 2015. Physical copies of the game will be released in these territories on February 27, 2015. As a way to say sorry for the delay to those that pre-ordered our physical game, all of the physical pre-ordered versions will include two DLC packs – Cuisine & Cargo and Ultimate Survivor Bundle, free of charge.

We have one more announcement to make in a few hours, so stay tuned…

This isn’t good news for anyone hoping to own a physical copy of the game, but it’s especially awful for pre-orderers who have just been screwed instead of rewarded.

It’s a small consolation that pre-orders placed through digital retailers like Steam, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace are still valid, and will unlock on the original release date. Same with getting free DLC for having to wait a whole month to play.

Did you pre-order? If so will you ever pre-order again?

Good night and good luck, indeed.

[Source – Dying Light Facebook page, Image – Dying Light website]
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