Do you want to be part of the local Wikipedia community? Well then, head on over to Truth Coffee in Cape Town on 1 February and you will be able to meet all the good people involved on the South African side at the annual Wikipedia Meetup.

“Wiki Meetups are regular (or often spontaneous) face-to-face meetings of Wikipedia editors organised by local editors in cities all over the world.  Currently the Cape Town Meetups are the only Wiki Meetups taking place in South Africa,” explains Douglas Ian Scott from Wikimedia ZA.
“On Sunday the 1st February the Cape Town community will be hosting its 7th meetup since hosting our first one in 2006.  As of 2013 we now try to host one in Cape Town on the first Sunday of every third month.  Meetups are open to anyone with an interest in Wikipedia, Wikies in general, and/or free knowledge.”

The official meet-up will have a number of things on the agenda, and one of them will focus on Wikimedia’s efforts to increase female participation. But the subject matter doesn’t have to stick to what is planned, as the agenda is really just a gateway for a discussion on what ever participants have in mind.

“The best place to learn about Wikipedia meetups is either by signing up the Wikipedia South Africa mailing list or, if you are an existing Wikipedia editor, to check your “Watchlist” where you will see a banner add of the next scheduled event in the country.  Alternatively you could see all the Wiki Meetups scheduled around the world including in South Africa at the Wiki Meetup page on Wikipedia,” adds Scott.

For more details, and to get in contact with the organisers, click here.

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