Apple App Store rakes in R6bn in first week of Jan

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The first week of the new year brought with it a new record for Apple. The company has announced that customers all over the world spent almost $500 million (almost R6 billion) in the iTunes App Store between 1st and 7th January.

New Year’s day alone particularly stands out because it was the single biggest day ever in App Store sales history, according to Apple.

The company said that last year, overall revenues from the App Store rose 50% and developers earned payouts of more than R100 billion. That’s over a third of all earnings since the launched App Store in 2008. In its entire lifetime, developers have reportedly generated $25 billion (around R270 billion) from apps and games.

“We’re so proud of the creativity and innovation developers bring to the apps they create for iOS users and that the developer community has now earned over $25 billion.”

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