Nothing sums up the essence of the Just Cause series quite like the image of someone standing atop a speeding jet, taking on two gunships singlehandedly. Which is why it should come as no surprise that that’s exactly the sort of thing the leaked screenshots for the next game in the franchise demonstrate.

See for yourself:

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These nine images have been making the rounds on NEOGaf and Imgur according to PlayStation Lifestyle, and while there has been no official confirmation that they’re definitely from a recent build of Just Cause 3, it’s a pretty sure bet that’s exactly what they are. The official silence is likely because they’re currently embargoed, and Square Enix/Avalanche Studios are none too pleased at having their thunder stolen.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying these screens are gorgeous and strongly indicative of a game that’s even more over-the-top than its predecessors, and absolutely jam-packed with explosions and insane stunts.

That’s actually quite encouraging, because Just Cause 2 was one of 2010’s highlights thanks to its large and detailed open world that let protagonist Rico’s use his newfound grappling hook in novel ways. As Rico, I’d often leap out of planes thousands of feet up and fly at terminal velocity toward the ground, only to rescue myself at the last minute with a carefully-placed grappling hook shot. Good times.

According to Wikipedia, Just Cause 3 is due out in June of this year for PC and the two new consoles. We can’t wait.

[Source – PlayStation Lifestyle]
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