It took a jury less than four hours to decide that Ross Ulbricht is indeed the mastermind behind illegal goods-peddling website Silk Road, and that he violated several US narcotics laws in the process.

Ars Technica reports that the 12-person jury delivered Guilty verdicts on all seven charges leveled against Ulbricht, and that he was indeed the Dread Pirate Roberts, the alias used by the person at the head of the operation. The trial itself wrapped up yesterday.

Ulbricht’s defense, that he was just the “fall guy” for the real masterminds behind the site and a victim of manipulated proof, was apparently rejected based on what the prosecution called a¬†“mountain of evidence” found on his computer, including thousands of pages of chat logs with Silk Road administrators.

“There were no little elves that put all of that evidence on the defendant’s computer,” quipped prosecutor Serrin Turner to the jury during the trial.

Ulbricht faces life imprisonment, and will be sentenced at another hearing “in a few months”.

[Source – Ars Technica, Image – CC By 2.0]
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