From theories of how the universe was formed to what the future of money will look like, KickAss Tech – Obv‘s up and coming Tech Talk covers the longest period of time of any evening you’re likely to spend this year and should sate the desire of all but the most curious of minds.

KAT-O founder and hacker extraordinaire, Robyn Farah, will be joined by the founder of South African South Africa’s only bitcoin exchange, BitX, and theoretical physicist Dr Jonathan Shock for a wide-ranging and hopefully informative series of chats next Thursday 19th February at City Varsity, 18 Roeland Street. The event kicks off at 18.30, and tickets are available here.

It’s being organised in association with the lovely science blogging folk at SciBraai, too, which makes it doubly important to get there.

[Image – CC-BY String Art Owl by Darwin Bell]
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