Oculus has the Rift, Samsung has the Gear VR and Sony has Project Morpheus – and now smartphone maker LG has its own, the VR for G3.

The Korean electronics makers teamed up with Google to make a plastic version of Google’s Cardboard VR headset, and it will apparently be giving them away in “select markets” when customers buy a new LG G3 smartphone.

The VR for G3 makes use of a simple design: it straps to the user’s head, and you slide your G3 phone into the front slot (much like Samsung’s Gear VR). It also has special holes cut out for the smartphone’s rear volume keys.

“This is just the beginning of the virtual reality movement, which until recently was expensive and inaccessible to everyday consumers,” said Chris Yie, an LG marketing executive, in a statement.

It is a rather interesting move by LG, as it presents a shift in the market that shows that company don’t necessarily have to build their own VR headsets from scratch – as Samsung found out in December.

According to CNET, “Both headsets are just one part of a growing list of virtual-reality and augmented-reality products being created, as tech firms work to add new technologies into those previously unrealized markets. The intent of virtual reality is to provide an immersive experience for gaming or other applications, while augmented reality offers an overlay of the real world to provide extra information for the user.”

[Source – CNET]
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