As intrepid PlayStation 4 gamers already know, Remote Play is a cool app for Sony smartphones, tablets and handhelds that lets you stream games from your PlayStation 4 to your phone/tablet/Vita. But of course you have to have a Sony device to use it.

Until now, that is. An enterprising developer going by the handle TheScriptKitty has written an unofficial app that lets Remote Play run on any Android phone or tablet, called – unsurprisingly – Remote Play Port.

So regardless of what brand of smart device you own, you too can play Grand Theft Auto V in the lounge next to your wife or girlfriend while your PS4 occupies another room entirely. (It’s a great way to fool them into thinking you’re spending Quality Time with them watching useless TV while you’re actually racking up the kills in GTA Online.)

There’s quite a trick to it, however: you need to install an APK, or Android Application Package which is a fairly complex process and requires advanced knowledge of Android’s ins and outs.

Apart from the complexity, the other bummer is that getting the app to work with a Dual Shock 4 controller – which you will really want to do because touchscreen controls for PS4 games are, well, rubbish – requires even more hoop-jumping.

Just be warned, the APK is obtained from a source that isn’t the Google Play Store, and could potentially compromise your phone’s security, and the usual issues of WiFi performance sometimes causing lag on your remote session still apply.

If you own a non-Sony phone and a PS4 and have envied Sony owners’ ability to make use of Remote Play, head over to the Reddit thread for full instructions on how to get the Remote Play Port onto your phone now. There’s a handy video guide to follow as well if you need something a bit more audio-visual.

[Source – Reddit, Featured Image – XDA Developer’s Forum]
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