Dying Light, the open-world zombie game from the guys behind Dead Island, is getting a bunch of cool new updates in the coming months, all for free says PlayStation LifeStyle.

Gamers will get an all-new Hard Mode that ramps the difficulty up considerably for the already-tough night cycle, forcing them to make more use of stealth and watch their noise levels more than before. It also adds bunch of outfits for characters and various gameplay tweaks.

Developer Techland will be pushing the updates out in the coming months, starting in March. They will apply to all platforms, so no matter whether you’re playing on PlayStation, Xbox One or PC, you’ll get them.

As of today, South Africans can only play Dying Light if they buy it digitally, as physical copies of the game are only due to arrive on store shelves on the 27th of February.

I am only too happy to see developers going above and beyond for their fans like this by releasing extra content for their game, and for free. Maybe it’s a Polish thing – CD Projeckt Red, the studio behind The Witcher 3 is also Polish, and they’ve committed to making the DLC for their upcoming open-world RPG free too (via IGN).

Our own review of Dying Light is currently in progress, and it’s looking really, really good so far. Quick tip: Don’t believe reviewers that say it’s not great, especially if you liked Dead Island even just a bit – from what I’ve seen and done so far, Dying Light is a much, much better Dead Island. It’s also brilliant with a friend.

Releasing free updates that add significantly to the game like this is in stark contrast to a game like Evolve, which has a surprisingly large number of DLC packs already available for sale despite only being a few days old.

[Source – PlayStation LifeStyle]
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