There have been some absolutely fantastic Dungeons & Dragons games on PC in the past three decades, but none have quite nailed the experience of playing the pen and paper game with friends.

That’s because the role of “Dungeon Master”, or the person who would in a real-life session provide the story direction, NPC dialogue and decide on enemy number and placement, has been played by the game itself.

That approach has proven successful to a degree; Baldur’s Gate, PlaneScape: Torment and the Icewind Dale games were popular with RPG gamers, and all are based on various iterations of the Dungeons & Dragons rulebook. Another D&D game, the original Neverwinter Nights even had a DM client that tried to recreate the tabletop experience by handing over story and encounter control to a player, with mixed results.

A new game called Sword Coast Legends aims to change all that: the developers are integrating a dedicated Dungeon Master mode that puts everything needed for a human player to shape the game of four other players.

Here’s the trailer:

It’s not strictly-speaking a multiplayer game, though, as a single-player campaign will also be included, penned by none other than some of the writers behind the amazing Dragon Age: Origins. The 2009 RPG was easily one of the very best non-D&D role-playing games to come out in years.

Storm Coast Legends is only coming out on PC, and preorders are open already, starting at $34.99 for the base game on Steam.

The Verge, where the story first appeared, did not say when it is likely to be out, other than “sometime this year”.

[Source – The Verge]
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