Audiophiles rejoice! South African music lovers as of today can sign up to the country’s first audio streaming players that delivers high fidelity lossless audio. (In short, the audio streamed will be of the highest listening quality.)

Called Tidal, the service is available as an in-browser web player or as a small installable program, and for the $9.99 (approximately R115) monthly subscription fee you’ll get 25 million ad-free tracks, more than 75 000 music videos and small, editorial background bits and pieces on artists.

Tidal 2
The artist page includes links to its Wikipedia page as well as related artists.

“South Africa, as the rest of the world is seeing an increase in music streaming subscription, as well as a high interest for high quality audio,” said Tidal CEO Andy Chen, in a media statement.

“With Tidal on mobile, computers or home audio products from the likes of Sonos, Denon, Bluesound and Linn, South Africans can finally enjoy a true high fidelity service with lossless sound quality, HD music videos and curated editorial.”

Worried that the high audio quality will be eating up all of your precious bandwidth? With Tidal you’re able to select the quality that you want to stream, like FLAC, ALAC 44.1kHz and 16 bit – 1411 kbps. The user interface is sleek and easy to navigate, and as mentioned Tidal give you access to a library of high-definition music videos and curated editorial.

While $10 might be a bit steep for some, especially with other service like Pandora and Rdio being free, it’s well worth the price if you consider everything the package includes. (We have been using Tidal for the past two weeks and are really impressed by the audio streaming service – our full, in-depth review will be made available online later today.)


Still on the fence about Tidal? You can sign up for a 7-day free trial here.

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