Sony has not renewed its trademark application for legendary vapourware The Last Guardian, according to a very sharp NEOgaf user. The renewal notice was sent out in mid-January, and no timely action was taken by Sony, giving the appearance that the mega-corp has abandoned the trademark.

The Last Guardian was announced way back in 2009. It was to be a Sony-exclusive for the PlayStation 3 from the studio behind the much-loved PlayStation 2 games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, but ever since its announcement, details of its actual contents and a release date have been scarce.

In the past six years, Sony has surfaced every so often to say they’re still working on the game but that they had no further news to share. The latest hint came in December 2014, confirming the game’s continued existence but again, with no release date or new info provided.

The only comfort is that Sony has let the renewal date slip once before, back in 2010, so this doesn’t necessarily mean anything significant. At the same time, it could also mean the game’s name has changed or that the studio is taking the idea in a new direction, or that its inevitable transition to the PlayStation 4 has led to some re-thinking of its core concepts. There’s no way to know until Sony talks, which isn’t happening.

What we know about The Last Guardian so far is from its 2009 trailer debut, that it stars a small boy and his relationship with a huge creature, a doglike cat creature called Trico that is initially held captive by a chain around its leg. Given the studio’s pedigree when it comes to emotional storytelling and sad endings – both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were original, compelling and deeply sad games – gamers have been hoping for a repeat performance, just with updated graphics and new characters.

Perhaps we’ll learn more in the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference happening in March, or at June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Stay tuned.

[Source – NEOgaf]
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