With just over a month to go before Bloodborne’s release, IGN has been given a look at the game’s weapons in action, and from where I’m standing they look pretty sweet.

IGN has released a video showing a player stabbing, bludgeoning, whipping and shooting enemies in Bloodborne’s quasi-Victorian plague-infested setting; the video doesn’t show each enemy’s encounter from beginning to end so there’s no telling if they’re as tough as those found in the Demon’s/Dark Souls games, though.

The impression given is one of devastating effectiveness, which I quite like, but I do hope they’re not like that from the get-go and instead require a bit of levelling before they’re so powerful.

At the very least it all looks brilliant, and makes me want to play. Check it out:

I think what I like the most about what’s shown here is how fluid Bloodborne’s combat system appears; it clearly has a lot of Demon’s Souls in it, with enemy moves that must be studied and exploited, a handy dodge system instead of rolls and dives and payoffs for nimble, agile players by way of backstabs and the like.

The weapons themselves look cool as well; I particularly like the whip and look forward to whipping butt (literally!) with it.

Of course, the addition of firearms means Bloodborne won’t play exactly like any of the games that inspired it, but that’s a good thing: it gives fans of those games something to appreciate while challenging them with new mechanics to master. Good job, From Software.

Bloodborne is out on the 24th of March, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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