South African-born film director Neill Blomkamp shot onto the international cinema scene with his sci-fi action film District 9 in 2009. And while he has been rather quiet since then, he is set to come back with a vengeance.

Blomkamp announced via his Instagram account that he will be the director for the next Alien film – a massive franchise which has been going strong since the late 70s.

NB - Alien

Details are scarce at this point, and it is still unclear if Sigourney Weaver (who is a veteran to the franchise) will be returning. Weaver, best-known for her role as Ellen Ripley in Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992), and Alien Resurrection (1997), was a key character in the series and part of the reboot in its initial stage, but the idea was abandoned a couple of months ago. Weaver is yet to confirm her involvement with Blomkamp’s project.

According to Variety, “the new Alien takes place years after the Prometheus sequel”, and industry stalwart Ridley Scott will be serving as producer through his film and TV company, Scott Free Productions. But this isn’t Scott’s first rodeo with outer space life – Prometheus was loosely based on the Alien franchise and starred another South African success story, Charlize Theron.

Blomkamp is currently working on Chappie with Sharlto Copely and Weaver, but we’ll let that one slide as a time-filler until his upcoming Alien duties…

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