Little known fact: the walls of htxt.towers are made of compressed Arduino boards, which gave their useful life in the name of prototyping electronic monstrosities that were never meant to be. We love the crazy open source electronics board here, and admire people who can use them properly more.

But even we didn’t know that there’s an officially designated “Arduino Day”. Maybe it’s never happened before. Maybe it’s a biennial event, who knows? What’s important is that it’s happening, and it’s happening all over the world so fans can unite in celebration of this remarkable low cost controller (strictly, a series of controllers) which underpin the maker revolution everywhere – which also happens to be 10 years old this year.

Geekulcha, the student organisation for entrepreneurs and nerds alike, is hosting an officially-licensed Arduino Day up at its HQ at the Innovation Hub at Pretoria. The event takes place on Saturday 28th March, and is an all-day affair from 9am to 4pm.

As well as a chance to see some amateur robotics and commercial prototypes built using Arduino in the area, there’s also going to be a chance to see how the boards are used to teach and learn more about building and programming Arduino robotics in a series of workshops too.

And best of all, it’s free. And the Innovation Hub cafe serves a mighty fine range of sandwiches and salads too. What better way to spend your Saturday?

Sign up forĀ  free ticket here. And if you’re not in Gauteng, you can see other Arduino Day events from all over the world here.

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