Over the last couple of months, the Department of Education has handed over 88 000 tablets to South African schools. The aim of these paperless “smart” classrooms is to eventually remove the need for physical books, exposing learners to educational technology such as tablets and applications.

One of the companies that helped get the government’s paperless classrooms off the ground was Pearson South Africa. The educational publisher has now formed a partnership with Samsung South Africa to give new Galaxy owners the opportunity to download all Pearson ebooks including Schools, Higher Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and professional titles, at a 50% discount.

To qualify for the deal, Galaxy owners need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download the Pearson eBook South Africa app from the Google Play store
  2. The app will direct the user to the Pearson eStore site.
  3. Fill in the username, surname and email address on the form. 4) The discount voucher will be sent via email.
  4. Through the app, the user can now choose from a wide range of educational resources across various subjects. This follows a typical eCommerce shopping basket model.
  5. Once the user has confirmed the order and ‘checked out’, enter the discount voucher code in the field provided and get the 50% discount.

If you want to make use of the offer, you have to hurry though, as it will only be available until the 30 of April 2015.

“Pearson is committed to the development of the learner and the student, ensuring that we provide them with 21st century skills to thrive on post the formal schooling environment. Technology will continue to play a huge role in this and we can take advantage of emerging technologies and strategies to help students/learners learn more effectively,” says Riaan Jonck, CEO of Pearson South Africa, in a media statement.

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